• 最高の品質→大量生産では実現しない品質、肌ざわり。
 • 天然素材主義→価格に置き換えられない価値
 • 稀少性→素材からオリジナル、オンリーワン 
 • 日本製→メイドインジャパンを使う喜び、愛国心、日本が好き
 • 適価→適切な中抜き、素材在庫を持つ商社がいてこその適価
 • 作った人が見えるものづくり→日本中の繊維産業と繋がっていく
 • 感動、驚き→イノベーション+スローなモノづくり。

【Creating products that are a pleasure to own】

Product planning at COCOROBASE starts with the development of materials from raw materials. Then, we make arrangements for the thickness and twist of the yarn, as well as the weaving and knitting stages, to achieve the highest level of comfort.

• Highest quality → Quality and texture that cannot be achieved by mass production.
• Natural materialism → Value that cannot be replaced by price
• Rarity→Original and one-of-a-kind from the material 
• Made in Japan → pleasure of using made in Japan, patriotism, love of Japan
• Appropriate price → Appropriate price only with a trading company that has an appropriate middleman and material stock
• Manufacturing that shows the person who made the product→Connected with textile industries all over Japan
• Impression, surprise → Innovation + slow manufacturing.



源氏物語、第二十二帖 玉鬘(たまかずら)のなかに、権力の頂点太政大臣に上り詰めた光源氏さんが、全ての愛人に着物をプレゼントする衣配り(きぬくばり)をする場面があります。出家した空蝉の尼君にプレゼントする段で「青鈍の織物、いと心ばせあるを見つけたまひて、」とあります。ここでは「こころばせ」は趣きとか品格とかセンスとかおしゃれ心と訳せます。



The origin of the name "COCOROBASE"

KOKOROBASE was named after Japanese classics.
The Tale of Genji, written in early 11th century Japan by a woman named Murasaki Shikibu, is a famous classic.

In the 22nd chapter of The Tale of Genji, "Tamakazura," there is a scene in which Hikaru Genji, who has risen to the pinnacle of power as Grand Minister of State, distributes kimonos to all his mistresses as gifts. In the section where he presents a kimono to a Buddhist nun named Utsusemi, he says, "I found a blue and dull textile that was very KOKOROBASE. Here, "KOKOROBASE" can be translated as "taste," "dignity," "sense," or "stylishness”.

"Kokorobase" was used to evaluate textiles in the distribution of clothing. This is it! I thought,

I would like to distribute textile products with "kokorobase" (sorry, for a fee).

I changed "K" to "C" and named it COCOROBASE.